4 Warning Signs That Indicate Your Boiler Needs Repair

The appliances, even the most expensive ones do not last forever. With proper care and maintenance you can you can make then work efficiently for a long time but every appliance has a lifespan and if you are not good at maintaining the appliance then the lifespan of the appliance will shorten.

The boilers are an important part of a comfortable household as it helps in keeping the house warm and ensures availability of warm water. If you are vigilant and observant then you can keep the boiler in perfect condition. You should be able to identify the warning signs so that you can call boiler repair London.

Here are a few warning signs that are a clear indication that you need to invest in maintenance and do some quick repairs.

Lack of Hot Water:

The obvious warning sign that should never be ignored is when there is no hot water in the taps and the radiators are cold. The boiler is installed so that it can offer the luxury of heated rooms and hot water and if it fails to deliver then it is completely useless. The lack of hot water can be a result of the wrong thermostat setting. But if adjusting the thermostat does not solve the issue then the problem is much bigger. A variety of reasons can cause the boiler to lose its efficiency. If you observe that the boiler is not functioning and providing the comfort it is meant to offer then you need to call skilled professionals to check the boiler and fix whatever problem has caused the malfunction.

Strange Noises:

An efficient and properly functioning boiler should be able to run smoothly. There should be no loud noises. If the boiler is producing loud and frightening noises then it is a clear indication that the boiler requires to be checked by a professional. The strange noises can be caused by air in the system as air can make whistling, banging and gurgling sounds. But air is not the only reason for the noise and there can be a more serious reason and to fix them you will need professionals because they can diagnose the problem and fix it before it becomes dangerous or results in a breakdown.

Weak Water Pressure:

If the hot water is coming out of the pipe weakly then it can be extremely annoying and the problem can occur if the boiler fails to maintain good pressure. A common reason behind the low water pressure is a blockage or a leak in the system. Call a plumber if you suspect a leak as they have the right tools to handle the problem.

Leak or Drips:

A boiler heats the water and the heated water can corrode metal pretty quickly. Hot water is more effective in corroding metal as compared to the cold water and corrosion can lead to water leaks. Water leaks in boilers are extremely common. There are various parts of the boiler that are vulnerable to corrosion and finding the leak is something that the plumbers are trained to do so if you observe puddles of water under the boiler you need to call a plumber and get it fixed.

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