Types of Smoke Alarms That are Being Used in Businesses or Home

Everyone wants to protect their family members and employees working in the organization then you should prefer to install innovative security devices. Latest technology have actually made it much easier for people to protect their homes and offices. You can simply prefer to install smoke alarms, fire alarms, surveillance cameras and access control devices. These systems are actually meant to protect your business and home from any type of mishaps. Actually in case of any type of emergency our main motive should be to save people and then property for this you can use monitored security alarms that will help you to call the help as quick as possible. Here in this article we are discussing about different types of mains smoke alarm that you can use in your home and office for protecting people from any type of emergency situations.

Ionization Alarms

First type of smoke alarm systems that is very commonly being used is known as ionization alarm system. Basically this system is considered to be very much sensitive that it is capable of detecting even the smallest particles of smoke that could produce the fire flames. That’s the most effective system that is also suggested by BS 5839: Pt.6. always keep in mind that you shouldn’t install the ionization alarm near the kitchen or hallways otherwise it will give you wrong indication of fire.

Heat Alarms Systems:

Next type of fire alarm system that is very much popular is known as heat monitor fire alarm systems. Basically the main purpose of these type of fire alarm systems is to detect the sudden increase in temperature while on the other side keep in mind that these alarm systems are insensitive to smoke. Basically these systems are recommended by BS 5839: Pt.6: 2004 and they should be installed inside the kitchen but they should be interconnected with the fire alarm system.

Photoelectric Alarms

Another type of smoke alarm that you can use is known as photoelectric alarms that will get triggered whenever it will detect smoke. So alarm will get on when the smoke will get entered into its test chamber, after that light will be scattered by using the smoke particles. Basically these type of alarms are considered to be the best choice for detecting the smoke, typical type of house fire smoky and smoldering fires.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Systems:

Next type of smoke alarm systems that are present in the market is carbon monoxide detector or smoke alarms that will warn you whenever this poisonous gas will be detected in your house or office. Always keep in mind that installing the carbon monoxide alarm is not enough, you also have to do regular maintenance and check whether these alarms are working properly or not.

Optical Fire Alarms Systems:

Next type of smoke alarm systems is optical fire alarms, basically these are efficient enough to detect the larger smoke particles that use to develop from the slow-burning of chimneys. So basically you can install these type of fire alarm systems near kitchens or all around the circulation spaces, but these keep in mind that you don’t have to place it near the poorly ventilated washrooms.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate