What is the Difference between Gas Safety Checks and Gas Appliance Services?

Landlords have a lot of responsibilities and the biggest one is ensuring the safety of the tenants. A building can hold a number of hazards that can damage the property and hurt people. It is a legal obligation of every landlord to pay the gas safety report cost so that they can ensure the safety of the property.

Gas appliances are a common part of a building as they offer luxury and comfort. It is important to arrange regular gas services and maintenance so that tenant’s safety is guaranteed. If you want to take proper care of the gas hazards then you need to understand the difference between gas safety check and gas appliance service.

Gas Safety Checks:

Here is a guide that will help you understand gas safety check.

  • During the gas checks, you will need to hire gas engineers that will check the working of appliances. Here are a few ways that the working is checked.
  • Firstly the engineers take a look at the appliances to see if they are safe to use. If there is something wrong with the gas appliance then it is a danger rather than a luxury.
  • During the gas safety checks, the appliances and gas pipes are checked for any possible leakage. If there is a gas leak in the property then it can be extremely dangerous. A gas leak can cause an explosion and harmful gasses like CO are toxic and can be fatal.
  • During the checks, the functionality and features of the gas appliances are examined. The engineers make sure that the appliances are getting the right pressure. They also take a look at the settings to see if they are correct or not.
  • Checking the ventilation routes are clear and effective so that the gas does not accumulate in a closed space and appliances work efficiently.

It is important that the gas safety checks are done on all residences. The landlords are legally required to arrange the checks annually and get a CP12 certificate as well. They have to show these documents to the tenants and prove gas safety of the property.

Gas Appliance Service:

The gas appliance services are a comprehensive way of making sure that they are safe to use. The services are not essential or a legal requirement but it is an effective way of ensuring the safety of the appliance and people in the property.

During the gas appliance services, each and every part of the appliance is checked. ‘The engineers carrying out the services take a look at every component and clean it. They check the vents, flues, pipework, etc. They test the performance of appliances and identify the deficiencies and do the important repairs.

They also conduct some tests to check the functionality and efficiency of the appliances. If you do not invest in annual servicing then you will be compromising the safety of the property and its occupants.

 If you spot any problem with the gas appliances or pipes you should shut off the gas supply and call a professional. Professionals have the skills and tools to fix the problem.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate