Why Electrical Safety Certificate is required

So if you want to keep your family members and your employees safe and secure then you should prefer to keep your electrical systems tested and verified from time to time. So that you would face minimum amount of electrical accidents. Actually, you should prefer hire the authorized electrician for those that will have enough qualification, experience and knowledge to give you the best possible advice in case of any complication. He will hold licenses from the state that why he can easily issue your safety certificate after testing all the appliances and electrical wiring or fuses.

Meaning of Certificate of Electrical Safety:

Most people don’t know why it is important to get an electrical safety certificate so that’s why firstly they should know that it is a compliance document that will be issued by a licensed electrician who will perform all the maintenance and testing work of electricity. This is also considered to be a legal requirement that should be issued within 30 days of finishing the electrical work of a new house, apartment or building.

When Certificate of Electrical Safety is required?

While building up new property owner will have to get the electrical safety certificate right after the licensed electrician will finish the electrical installation work within your home. It is a legal requirement that will definitely add a worth in your property and also make it the safest place to live in. Especially when you will be selling this house you can increase the price if the house on the basis of this certificate to show up that this house is much safe and secure and there will be fewer amount of chances of occurring electrical fire accidents.

Allow You to Claim The Insurance for The Damages:

Another reason why you should prefer to get the EICR certificate cost is getting the insurance claim. Actually it is considered to be the insurance company requirement that your organization should be electrically tested on in that situation you will be able to file a claim to get the compensation from the insurance company for the damage that will be happening in case of electrical fire.

Help You to Make Your House Energy Efficient:

Other than that getting a EICR certificate will help you to make your organization much more energy efficient and it will also help you to reduce the electricity bills. Other than that it will also help you to cut down the repairing costs will be considered to be great for boosting carbon footprint of your business in the area of fulfilling your commitments related to corporate social responsibility.

Types of Electrical Safety Certificate:

Actually, there are two types of electrical safety certificates that you can get or which are used for covering different kinds of electrical work:

1. Prescribed Electrical Installation Work: actually this type of installation work is used to cover all the major work of electrical wiring, just like it involves testing all the wiring starting from the street to switchboard, and during this type of work electricity can’t be switched off.

2. Non-Prescribed Electrical Installation Work: next type of electrical installation work will involve all minor wiring work of electricity. That involves work like installing and maintenance of all the power points, safety switches, fuses, circuit breaker and lighting points.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate