3 Costly Fire Safety Mistakes to Avoid

Every year a lot of fires break out and do some serious damage. Fire hazards lead to property damage as well as loss of life. It is important that you identify all the fire hazards of the property and take precautionary measures so that the fire can be avoided.

If you are able to identify all the fire hazards of the property, whether it is a commercial or a domestic property, you will be able to come up with a strategy that will offer protection against accidental fires. The fire safety should never be taken lightly because fire is extremely dangerous and it can engulf the whole building within minutes if certain safety measures are not taken.

Here are a few common fire safety mistakes that should be avoided at all costs so that you can ensure the safety of the building and its occupants.

Faulty Fire Alarm System:

The fire alarm system offers safety against the fire hazard. It is important that you chose the fire alarm system that has the best features. The system should always be installed by an electrician so that the there is no fault in the installation. If the mains powered smoke alarm installation is faulty then it will not function properly. The role of the fire alarm system is to alert the occupants in case of a fire so that they can get to safety. If the system is not functioning properly then it will fail to alert people and it can lead to some serious damage.

Apart from the proper installation of the fire alarm system, it is also crucial that the system is also maintained. The system can lose its efficiency and if you ignore its maintenance then it will stop functioning. Make sure that the batteries of the system are fresh. The fire alarm system consists of a variety of parts like CO alarms, smoke detectors, etc. and each component should be maintained as they offer the first line of defense against a potential fire.

Delaying Getting Out:

If the fire alarm goes off you should not delay leaving the building. Do not wait around, gathering your belongings or to investigate the source of fire because it is extremely dangerous. The fire can spread out in minutes and if you wait even a minute to leave the building you may find yourself surrounded by flames. Once the fire gets too large, it is hard to contain it and you will need professional help. Make your way out of the building through the escape route and do not go back into the building under any circumstances.

Underestimating Dangers of Smoke Inhalation:

People do not realize that most of the fire-related deaths are not because of the fire but due to smoke inhalation. If the smoke detectors are triggered then you should get low to the ground and start moving towards the fire escape. Smoke is extremely dangerous so you should try to avoid it as much as you can as you leave the building. Cover your mouth and nose with a wet cloth so that you can avoid inhaling smoke.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate