4 Effective Upgrades for Improving Energy Efficiency of the Property

When you become a homeowner or a landlord you need to know about all the expenses that you have to take care of. It is important that you are able to afford the expenses so that you can ensure the comfort of the property. An energy efficient house makes sure that you are able to afford all the expenses. An energy efficient property is beneficial for the environment as well. The energy consumption has an impact on your surroundings so you can help the environment as well as your budget.

If you are not sure about the improvements that you need to make to improve the energy efficiency of the property then you can get a cheap EPC and it will give you an idea about the upgrades that you need to invest in.

Here are a few upgrades that are highly effective in improving the energy efficiency of the property.

Check Attic Insulation:

Insulation is fundamental for keeping the property energy efficient. It makes sure that the property is able to maintain the temperature of the property. The heating and air conditioning systems have to work extra hard to keep a comfortable temperature inside the property if the interior air is always finding a way to escape the property. The attic is often forgotten when it comes to insulation and it negatively impacts the energy efficiency of the house. You should measure the depth of the insulation installed in the attic. If it is less than 150 mm then you need to increase it to 300 mm as it will prevent heat loss. It is an effective and affordable way of enhancing the energy efficiency of the property.

Update the Lighting:

The lighting is an important part of a functional and comfortable property. The lighting also contributes to the electricity bills so you need to use the lighting carefully and also go for the energy efficient options. The LED lights are durable and they save energy so switching to the LED lighting is a great idea. There are LED bulbs available that come with dimmer switches. The dimmers allow you to change the intensity of the light according to the mood and time of the day.

Change the Windows:

If you have single glazing or partial glazing on the windows then you need to include upgrading the windows on your refurbishing list. Investing in windows that are e-coated uPVC is highly rewarding because they will improve the energy rating of the property. The heat loss through windows plays a significant role in increasing the energy bills so upgrading the windows can do a lot in increasing the efficiency of the heating and cooling systems and bringing down the energy consumption.

Get a thermostatic radiator:

There are a lot of accessories that can help in improving the efficiency of the house. Installing the thermostatic radiator to the radiator valves allows you to adjust the heating of each room. You can turn the heat up for rooms that are occupied and turn down or switch off the radiators of the empty rooms.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate